Being a sideman is arguably the most common occupation in the music industry, yet there are no programs, classes, or learning materials out there that offer a solid plan for musicians to enter and work in the industry. Students and teachers alike still have to attend the school of hard knocks to learn how to make a living the music business!
Not any more. Educators can give their existing curriculum an edge by covering the material presented in  From Zero to Sideman. Or if you prefer, bring Mel to your school and experience his multimedia-enhanced master class. If you’d like to prepare your students for real life as a professional musician, and give them a greater chance of succeeding, Mel’s book and workshop are second to none! Educators like Robert Lewis are reacting to the book:
I received your book today, and read through it this morning. I found it to be very informative, and to line up with my own professional experiences. I will be using some of the tips myself, and recommending it to my students.
Robert Lewis
Director of Jazz Studies
College of Charleston
And Mike Kokour offers his view of the 02S workshop:

Do yourself and your students a favor and pick up a copy – or request From Zero to Sideman at your schools’ bookstore or library!