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Mel’s Basses: Kiesel

Kiesel JB5

Righteous 70’s J-Bass Tone

Mel’s Carvin/Kiesel JB5 has 22 medium-jumbo frets, chambered Swamp Ash body, Quilted Maple top w/ matching headstock, 5 PC. Maple neck, dual carbon fiber reinforcement rods, 5 bolt neck plate and tung oil finish, Flamed Maple fingerboard w/ black acrylic block inlays, Deep Lava Stain with Blackburst edges and clear coat finish, Carvin J99A active single coil pickups (70s spacing) and 18V Carvin preamp with pop-up Battery compartments – (V, Pan, Tone/push/pull, stacked Bass/Treble), Kiesel Guitars locking-bridge, w/optional thru body, Dunlop Straplocks, and Dunlop Super Bright Light Guage Nickel Strings (40-120).

Kiesel Vanquish V69

Extended Range and Rich J-Bass Tone

Mel’s Kiesel V69 features a chambered Swamp Ash Body w/Clear Gloss Finish over Deep Vintageburst Quilt, 5-Piece All-Maple Neck, Flamed Maple Fingerboard with Med-Jumbo Frets, White Pearl Block Inlays and Tung Oil Finish on Back of Neck, Kiesel Radium Radiused Single Coil Pickups (Black with Black Hardware and Dunlop Straplocks, Black Multi-Layer Pickguard, Dunlop Super Bright Nickel Roundwound.

Kiesel PB5

Potent P-Bass and MusicMan Tones

This is Mel’s PB5. 5-Piece All-Maple Neck w/Tung Oil Finish Back Of Neck, Ebony Fingerboard w/White Pearl Block Inlays and Med-Jumbo Frets, Swamp Ash Body, Clear Gloss Finish over Deep Black Quilt, Black Pickups, Active Electronics for SCP Pickup (Vol, Push/Pull Tone, Stacked Bass/Treble), Add JVA Bridge Pickup, Black Hardware, Dunlop Straplocks, Black Multi-Layer Pickguard, Dunlop Super Bright Nickel Roundwound strings. For an example of Mel’s PB5 recording tone, check out Jacob Morris’s release called “What We Don’t Deserve”.

Carvin SB5000 (Discontinued)

70’s J-Bass Tone

This is Mel’s Carvin SB5000 5 String, Ash body w/ Flamed maple top, maple neck, stock Carvin sngle-coil pickups (amber dot) and preamp (master volume, pan, stacked bass/treble, and passive tone control. The tone control pulls out for passive playing. Black hardware. This SB5000 is one of Mel’s primary recording instruments. Check out the sound of this bass on live performances with Dave Koz and several recording sessions.

Mel’s Strings:

Dunlop Super Brights

“Rich and thick low end for the groove. Brilliant mids and highs for the solos. Ridiculous clarity for everything. I love dialing in sounds with effects, and the Super Brights give me a solid fundamental tone to work from. They feel comfortable and tune up quickly – even when they’re brand new! I love recording with these strings because their sound and feel inspire me play better!”

– Mel Brown

Dunlop Super Bright

Light gauge, 4 string set

Dunlop Super Bright

Light guage, 5 String Set

Dunlop Super Bright

Medium guage, 6 String Set

Mel’s Amplification:


“Righteous tone across all genres and studio clarity on stage. Booty for your pocket and laser-focus for solos. Tons of raw power and headroom for days. EQ? Just start flat and get fat. All in a lightweight package that your mom could carry.”

– Mel Brown


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Array 12-3

The Perfect Cab

Magellan 800

Serious Power

Magellan 350


Magellan 350

Potent & Portable

Magellan MG12T Combo

Covenient Combo Massive Sound