Real musicians, educators, music contractors, and even musical instrument manufacturers recognize the value of  the information in 02S. Here’s a review from Donovan Bankhead:

And another review from a touring musician:

“The truth is that the sax player has stolen my book and I am going to have to beat him down to get it back (LOL). Man I have been recommending your book to everyone I can it is simply the bible as far as I am concerned when it comes straight talk about life as a sideman and life on the road. Every woman who thinks she is interested in a professional musician needs to read that book…..twice! I have quite a few friends that are music educators and I am hoping to convince them to make that book one that they recommend to serious students. I also appreciated the info on getting a good bass. Thanks again for taking the time to write it and share your knowledge and experience.”

Mike Brown

Bassist for Ringling Brothers Circus

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