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This is the place to learn about all things Mel Brown. To get started, the videos below will get you up to speed on who Mel is and what he’s done. Click the photo for video, and click the title below the photo for text. Go in depth by clicking the menu items above. Mel’s musicianship is front and center at “Heard”,  a selected discography with more than 75 videos. In any business, reputation and relationships are everything. Click “Respected” to see and hear what some of the biggest names in entertainment think about Mel, and also hear from some others who’ve done business with Mel for years but have never met him in person. Mel can be seen and performing live in the Phoenix metro area with some of the best bands around. Click “Shows” to see what’s happening if you’re in town. Mel has long standing relationships with some of the finest instrument makers and gear manufacturers on the planet, click “Endorses” to see what he recommends. Did you know that Mel wrote the first book formally defining the term “Sideman” and the role Sidemen play in the music industry? He even laid out a 5 step guide if you wanted to become a Sideman yourself. Click “02S” to learn more. Mel is also a geek. He’s all about his Macs, and how technology can be used to effectively self-promote. He’s actually launching the most innovative video interviewing platform on the planet. Click “WatchMe” to learn more about a real game changer coming to your world soon. If you like what you see or have any questions, you can contact Mel on Facebook, Linkedin or via email.

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