Smooth Jazz News | November 2005

Although Mel Brown has done some recent live performances, he’s mostly been a smooth jazz MVP in the studio these past few years, working on such projects a Marion Meadows’ “Players Club”, Wayman Tisdale’s “Hangtime” and Darren Rahn’s “Once In a Lifetime”. He also just finished recording tracks on upcoming CDs by genre favorites Steve Oliver and Eric Darius. Having played smooth jazz for over a dozen years, Brown is finally working on his own solo project and he’s accepting suggestions for the title on his website!
“I believe the main purpose of my instrument is to make the music feel good,” he says. ” I like to keep a low profile and I’ve never wanted to be a frontman so being a bassist is perfect. It’s great seeing the world and being paid to do what I love to do. I really enjoy how I earn my living, and unlike many careers, I love Mondays! One thing I don’t like, of course, is being at the airport in the middle of the night after my flight’s been canceled!”

Who He’s performed with:
Richard Smith, Jeff Kashiwa, Metro, Marion Meadows, Wayman Tisdale, Steve Oliver, Eric Darius